Monday, June 20, 2022

The Latest Publication: June 2022: "KID ME NOT!" with an update of all books.

  Synopsis of 'KID ME NOT!': 

  Unbeknown to authorities in San Diego, a cabal operates a highly efficient kidnapping ring. To maintain a low key, they emulate a mass merchant business model: Low ransom, many kidnappings. The policy keeps them under the radar. Prior to the murder of a victim, other than parents of the captives, nobody else was aware of this dastardly criminal organization operating within the city. Whether it had been functioning for months or even years, who knew? 

  Clyde and Dick have returned. Two detectives, seconded to the city for a short stay, apply their unique techniques to try to understand, trace, halt and arrest the gang members. Joining forces with the locals, they find a splinter group has filled the void left by the original gang following the murder. The duo of detectives arrived with respected reputations after the arrest and killings the previous year of a group of terrorists operating within the Western States. Will they maintain their hard-earned reputations or was their success a mere flash in the pan? 

  The following books are publications by the author. 

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     2022: Kid Me Not!.*

     2020: Vengeance Is Mine … and mine, too. VENGEANCE

     2017: A Life Experience as No Other: Dare to Seize the Day Together . ** LIFE

     2013: Terror on the Cliffs.  TERROR

     2011: Triple Pursuit  TRIPLE

     2009: Instead of a Flood.  INSTEAD

A touching moment as the author passes the sign at Lukla Airport, Nepal, acknowledging much admired heroesSir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. 

* Jeffrey Lazarow, born in South Africa (a long time ago), emigrated to the United States in 1989 with his wife, Jenni, and three children. It has been a fascinating journey generally, including a struggle during the transition period of immigration. Fortunately, it has culminated in an incredible adventure after we decided to take to the mountains and trails some twelve years ago. 

We do not have a fixed abode but live in different parts of the world where we have access to the wilderness and of course, supermarkets. **This is the sixth book, five novels and one collaboration with Jenni, the latter covering the earlier years of our adventure.

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